With great passion, I enjoy serving those who are open to a better life for themselves! Currently, many people on earth suffer from their health at different levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritualy.

In 2005, with permission, I brought the Crystal Bed back to the Netherlands from Brasil and began immediately offering sessions to clients in combination with previous techniques I had already been using. To my surprise, everytime I worked with someone, the room would fill up with light, colors and give a harmonious feeling (zen feeling) in the room. When the sessions were over, the clients were also leaving with this feeling… and they still do! It’s an amazing futuristic “machine”.

The Crystal Bed creates a clean force field of light inside and around a client’s body and I then see their system as a hologram. This vision shows me the shadows in the body. The shadows in the body are where compressed energy lies, which can take the form of a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenge in a person’s life. I will use the various techniques I have learned (and keep learning) to rebalance this compressed energy. The body talks to me and shows me what it needs to rebalance. I then share this information with clients so they can begin or continue this communication at home. When there is communication, there is feeling of connection. When there is a feeling of connection, we feel whole and complete. In our base foundation, this is what we are all longing for is wholeness.

After a Crystal Bed session, clients usually leave with a relaxed, harmonious, rejuvenated feeling in their body. This helps to give a positve outlook toward their next steps in life.

I will look forward to seeing you soon on the Crystal Bed!

warm greetings,

Laurée Sine


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