Steps in making contact with this healing environment via the Internet (Zoom):

  1. Download the Zoom app on your mobile telephone/tablet/computer BEFORE the time the healing will start.Please make sure you are comfortable with using the functions in the Zoom app.
  1. Create your own healing circle. See guidelines below.
  1. At 7:00pm (Amsterdam time – CEST), click on Zoom link. Each session a new link.You will receive the Zoom link by email after your payment.
  1. Once everyone has connected with us, we will welcome you and share the information you need during your journey through your body.During this session, you will see only our video to see the Crystal Bed lights.  
  1. Laurée will guide the healing meditation and Willeke will answer the chat when personal support is needed.In this format Laurée can continue the healing meditation without disturbing the flow.

Before and After the healing session:

  1. We will show you pictures of the body parts before the meditation begins, to help your visualization during the session.
  1. Eat light food so your stomach is not heavy with digesting during the healing.
  1. DO NOT use alcohol or drugs on the day before, itself and after the healing.
  1. Drink enough water in the hours before and after the healing evening.
  1. You may want to have pen & paper by you to write down received answers your body is giving you.   
  1. Please go to the toilet before entering your healing circle…

How to create your home healing circle that we can connect with?

  1. Find a clean, quiet space where you sit comfortably in meditation and you can see the screen with you are connecting with us. The reason here is, that the Crystal Bed Lights can shine to you during the meditation for a better impact.
  1. Find a place that you will not be disturbed for an hour and half.  
  1. Keep yourself warm and wear nice fitting clothes.
  1. Make a circle around yourself with at least 4 markers on the floor. These markers can be crystals, wood, anything that gives you a good, safe feeling. Include your screen with the Crystal Bed lights into your safe circle.  

Be aware of your open energy after the healing session.It is best to keep your energy more to yourself for the next 12 hours. Allow the healing work to integrate more into your system, instead of giving the energy away to others.  

Listen carefully to your body's needs. Maybe a hot shower, rest or walking outside will help.

As your body adapts to the new energy, you may acquire some of these symptoms, or not at all:

muscle pain, can quickly get tired, feel feverish, unusual dreams.  

These symptoms are temporary. Just allow them to be there and allow the energy to do its work.

To continue supporting your upgrade process after the session, we offer a liquid light remedy.

This liquid-light remedy helps to keep your detox process moving in your body, so the old energy doesn't get stuck.This remedy will help your cells to remember this newly charged frequency.

This liquid light remedy will be charged up by the Crystal Bed lights during your session with high vibrational color & light geometry.  

This 30ml bottle will last about 2 weeks if you ingest 6 drops 3 x per day (use your intuition).Please let us know up front if you would like to order the liquid light remedy by sending us your postal address as to where to send the remedy.  


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