What is the "Elf Game"? 22-23 May in Venhuizen

Hi my name is Willeke de Wit I
have been asked by Lauree to play the Elfenspel here with you.
The Elf Game is a tool of the new Earth.  
I'd like to explain who I am – what I do and what the Elf Game entails. 8
years ago I got into the medicine wheel with Jan Pieter Schreur.
He was making a set-up game that was different from the familiar setups of family lines.
Since he wanted to go to years something other than drafting his grandfather, father or mother.
He ended up with natural beings. First of all, he channeled the creatures that wanted to be in the game. In a group, he set these up and practiced.  

They became hilarious setups with a lot of wonder, as everyone looked at each other, rediscovered each other and got put in a dent because the creatures didn't know what they were doing. That's how the powers came in. That's when I joined. He knew I was painting and asked me to shape the cards. I had completed the creative counselling course, discovered that I could make my inner world visible and that it also worked for other people. Furthermore, I have always had the ability to connect with natural beings and the universal.

3 1/2 years we have been working on this game. Each being every force was allowed to be energetically felt and processed in text and in image. Continuously this required coordination, harmony, wounds that could be cleaned so that it could become accessible to the collective.

The spending was actually very fast.

We've been playing and working with it for over two years now. But above all play; the game adds lightness to parts that can be heavy. That's what the new Earth wants, too.

I have fully absorbed the baton, I have been doing setups for years but have also further qualified in 3 years in the set-up work; by taking annual training courses of the new drafting of Hylke but also the old drafting for families, child and young person at Ingrid Dykstra. This knowledge helps me to thoroughly set up the game and train new people to learn to wear the game.

We continue to marvel at every line-up again what happens. Throwing up not knowing. The confidence on the field that he always shows the layer what is needed for the group and for the individual present in the group.

Wonder you don't have to ask a question, just have to connect yourself and draw a map.

And there are so many different ways to play the game. We keep finding out.

We can play the game blind and see what comes out. You can indicate 1 theme in advance that you want to work on in more detail. You can work with a theme all day long and then throw open the field so that a floor can be created. Pure magic every time,

You can do individual setups based on 1 card with groups of 6. Without questions, only by interpreting the map and surrendering it to the field. It always gives what's needed. As a teacher you can also indicate where the connection is for your group.

Finally, a nice description of someone who played the game was;

Played the Elfen game yesterday, done a beautiful setup. In terms of content, I do not want to go into this part. What I do want to say was that it was another magically amazing and deep journey. I would like to describe how I enjoy "the playing man", without giving up alone and the cards as a guideline an event unfolds, in which everyone who is in the game and even the spectators takes on a role and/or function, donates it to the whole and a coherent story arises. Without an appointment, without consultation in which everyone knows exactly what to do and what to leave. The joy, pain despair and solution are real. Be experienced as real. You are who you are and immediately the personal becomes transcended and the participants touch the Universal. From there, everyone is hit in a precisely appropriate way and healing can take place where necessary, and this is wonderful in everyone's personal piece. Without this piece being mentioned in so many words. It was a fruitful and joyful encounter.

Willeke de Wit


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