There are hopeful reports that in a few weeks, in accordance with all known rules, it will again be possible to give group lessons. I h
ave used the time in recent months to examine my knowledge and skills and have decided to expand my classes with Do-In, the Japanese 'yoga'.

During the Classical Shiatsu course I learned Do-In and Yoga from two passionate teachers. These classes were the basis for my years of work as a teacher of Do-In, pregnancy yoga, and yoga. The zeitgeist made me focus more and more on yoga over the years and Do-In was more present in the background. I'm going to change that now.

What is Do-In
? In China, dao-yin or Tao-Yin was mentioned in the Book of the Yellow Emperor around the fourth century before our era. From Dao-Yin, Do-In originated in Japan. Do-In is intended as a preventive system and is also called self-shiatsu because you literally learn to apply handles to stimulate your self-healing ability. All exercises from the aforementioned ancient traditions have been developed to balance the subtle life energy that flows through the meridians. At Do-In you will also learn to apply pressure point and meridian massages to yourself.

Seasons and elemen
tsA key aspect is the effect of the seasons and the elements in our body system. The exercises can be used in the transitions of the seasons to make it easier to switch to the next phase in the year. The
elements as seen in Eastern medicine, water, wood, fire, earth and metal, influence how we express ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This can be done by means of Do-In balance. The combination of all this makes you feel more energetic and your resistance to, for example, seasonal flu and other discomfort is increased.

The Less
ons I hope, of course, that we can start teaching group lessons again in not too long. The large hall in the Wellness Centrum Noord-Holland is ready. Private
lessons are always possibleI give
the group lessons in the Wellness Centrum Noord-Holland in Venhuizen on Monday evening from 19.45 to 21.00 go to Agnes Schluter and book your appointment quickly. Priva
te lessons I teach in Venhuizen and Enkhuizen, see

Group lesson: € 16,50 per les
sonPriveles: € 35,00

Bring your own yoga mat – and if you have a meditation pad or bench and wear clothes that make it easy to move around in. A sweater/cardigan/scarf and warm socks for the end of the lesson when we have a meditative moment is also recommended.


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