In Balance Crystal Light Therapy Laurée Sine, Naturopathy Lakenmanweg 1, 1606 MH Venhuizen, Netherlands mob: 06 40 80 96 75 email:    

  VBAG Registration no: 2060400 / RBCZ / TCZ 911729R CBP notification no: m1489007 / Practice code 90-11695 AGB code 90-032758 / Chamber of Commerce no. 37160532  
Laurée Sine, Naturopathic (Naturopathic Therapist) Certified and Registered Naturopath at the VBAG, RBCZ and TCZ.
Reimbursement for the treatment depends on your health insurer. For information, we recommend that you consult your policy or contact your health insurer. You will receive an official invoice to declare the costs. We kindly ask you to pay immediately after each treatment. This is possible via: cash or payment request via your mobile phone. Cancellation of an appointment must be communicated at least 24 hours in advance. · To prevent a message from getting through via the answering machine or e-mail, only personal cancellations will be accepted by Laurée.   Self-healing takes place on 4 levels: physical, mental-spiritual, emotional and spiritual. If you want complete guidance in this, you can do so with the joint "In Balance" therapists.   To make an appointment or have questions about the treatment, you can whatsapp, text message, email or call ma. until free. 06-40809675 from 9 am-6pm /; except holidays. Bgg. you can leave your name and telephone number on the answering machine. You will then be called back as soon as possible.  
Practical conditions “in balance”: Therapeutic guidance – L. L. Sine · In case of physical and / or mental complaints, we always advise you to first consult your doctor or possibly visit a specialist. If you are using medicines and / or contraceptives, we request that you bring these along with the package leaflet. We ask that you read the package leaflet (s) and that you have written down whether any side effects (as stated in the package leaflet) correspond to your complaints.   You must take off your shoes in the practice room, so we recommend that you bring extra socks or slippers. It is also advisable to bring a towel for under your feet / legs. We also ask you to bring a pen and paper (a notebook) so that you can make notes of what is advised to you during the treatment. A consultation for therapeutic guidance and “Crystal Bed: · ·      
The first session lasts 2 hours, this is an intake and the 1st treatment. * 30 min – € 35.00 * 90 min – € 96.00 * 45 min – € 48.00 * 2 hours – € 120.00 * 60 min – € 64.00 * 2 ½ hours – € 150.00 ( For best results, 2 hours are suggested so you have time to discover and feel who you really are.)
Sessions are reimbursed by most insurance policies under the supplementary insurance.