Feb 16, 2021 written by: Larry A. Law, (www.angiesoptiongrm.org) One of the key abilities of the immune system is its capacity to determine when something foreign has entered the body. The immune system can detect what belongs to the body and what does not. The sugars […]
Met veel passie vind ik het leuk om diegenen te dienen die open staan ​​voor een beter leven voor zichzelf! Momenteel lijden veel mensen op aarde onder hun gezondheid op verschillende niveaus: fysiek, emotioneel, mentaal en spiritueel. In 2005 heb ik met toestemming het Kristallen Bed […]
With great passion, I enjoy serving those who are open to a better life for themselves! Currently, many people on earth suffer from their health at different levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritualy. In 2005, with permission, I brought the Crystal Bed back to the Netherlands […]